Access ControlPreventing unauthorized access

Unique access key for each client

An unique access key will be generated for each client to access NtSaaS.

IP address restrictions

Allows only registered IP address to access the service.

Data ProtectionMultiple measures to safeguard the data

Data encryption

Data stored on the server will be encrypted and will be secure in event of data breaches.

Secure Communication

SSL is used to secure the communications between users and the service. The data transmissions are also encrypted.

Internet connection restrictions

The data and calculation environment is on a private network. This eliminates accidental data leakage.

Disaster RecoverySwift recovery in event of failure

Swift recovery

System resources can be swiftly restored in the event of disaster.

Regular backups

System has regular backups and it is possible to recover to the last backup point in the event of disaster.

Vulnerability countermeasuresOngoing software updates and monitoring

Regular security patches

Security patches are applied to the OS during fixed intervals.

Regular security diagnostics

Periodical security audits will be conducted.